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He has been working with various tasks and roles in the group, in particular doing repairs, renewals and restructuring of various companies.

Starting his career in the group from 1993 as Head of the Legal Division and providing advice and supervision of various legal problems faced by several companies in one group.

To balance his professional activities, he is also active in various social and religious activities. His most active sports activities are golf, jogging and cycling.
M Indra PermanaM. Indra Permana
Technical alumni from Pancasila University Jakarta and has been a President Director of the Company since 2006.

In addition to being active in the Company, he also contributes to the activities of the Association including being Chairman of the Indonesian National Lines (INL), Member of the Board of Management of the Indonesian Loading and Unloading Company (APBMI), Chair of the BKI K3I Committee ( Indonesian Classification Bureau), and Chairman of the Indonesian P&I Club.

Other professional activities that have become his concern and concern are managing and raising several other companies engaged in Shipping, Loading and Unloading Services and Logistics Services. In the midst of his busy life, he is also still active in various social activities, both those organized by the Company and those carried out personally.
Bambang EdiyantoBambang Ediyanto
President Director
He started his career in the Group as Finance Director of the Holding Company since September 2009.

He completed his Master Degree, majoring in Finance at University of Islamic Indonesia, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. He came from a strong background in accounting and finance, having served at other national companies and was previously an auditor with Deloitte and Touche Indonesia.

Mr. Edy also serves on Board of many companies and known for turnaround of companies and corporate restructuring.
Edy SuhardayaEdy Suhardaya
He started his career in the Group as Business Development Director of the Holding Company since September 2018.

Formerly he has been joined one of our subsidiaries PT. Baruna Raya Logistics since 2001 as Accounting and Finance manager.

Teddy Rosyadi joined with the Group since Januari 2009 as Human Resources Manager in PT. Baruna Raya Logistics, since September 2018 as Director of PT. Karana Line, prior to this since May 2016 he was also as Human Capital Director for the Holding Company PT. Sentra Baruna Hijau.

Before joined the Group he has over than 20 years work experienced at Retail Business group Companies with the several managerial position in Human Resources and Operation Management, completed Master degree majoring in Marketing Management at Institute of Business Development Enterpreneurship Indonesia, Graduated of Doctorandus degree majoring In Public Administration at Catholic Parahyangan University Bandung, He speaks Indonesia, Sundanese, Javanese and English
Teddy RosyadiTeddy Rosyadi