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 Stevedoring 1444
Our subsidiary stevedoring companies has right set of equipment and expertise in all major ports in Indonesia to provide customers effective and professional solutions. Our customers depend on us to deliver as promised. Careful planning before by our experienced team, supervision during cargo operations by experienced port captains and subsequent securing of cargos is how we demonstrate our excellence. The safety of your cargo is our top priority, and we have experts on all important ports working around the clock to make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Service Overview
Stevedoring :

Discharging hook on cargo in hold and hook off chargo in ships side
Loading hook on cargo in ship’s side and hook off cargo in hold

Discarging from ships sidet to warehouse or to open yard assisted by forklift, truct etc
Loading from ware house or open yard to ships side

Our Group Service :

Stevedoring PT KAL
Stevedoring PT KIL
Stevedoring PT BSI
Stevedoring PT KBL
Stevedoring PT BHL
Stevedoring PT BKJ
Stevedoring PT BBR
Stevedoring PT BIR